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private whale watching tours

Private Whale Watching tours

Whale watching Sydney

Private whale watching tours are the best way to enjoy the Humpback whale annual migration. Humpback whales cruise along the east coast of Australia, it is a sight to behold! These majestic mammals are visiting Sydney’s coastal waters between May-Oct each year.

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with whales, this is your chance! Humpback whales are considered to be the best species for whale watching. Compared to other whales, humpbacks are very playful and are often seen tail or fin slapping. For an unforgettable experience, spot majestic whales along the beautiful Sydney coast on board Free Spirit or our other recommended boats.

The humpback whale’s migration is during winter which are the cooler months of Sydney’s weather. 

Tailor our private whale watching tours to you

Choose your duration and timings. There is a surcharge for wharf locations other than city locations. Early morning is the best time to go whale watching.

A 3 hour private whale watching tour will include 2 hours outside Sydney heads. The remainder is travel time to/from wharf locations.

Book Private Whale Watching Tours

Contact the team at Spirit Fleet today to book your whale watching cruise and let us tailor your cruise to you. Let us know your preferred day to go whale watching and timings.

The crew has to understand the migratory routes that the whales will use, the exact time that the whales pass through, and how to navigate the giant yacht close to the sea mammals without agitating them.

Whale watching trips can be rescheduled if there is bad weather, different boats have different policies. Spirit Fleet’s terms and conditions apply.

Spirit Fleet Boat Charters offers private whale watching cruises and tours from Sydney, NSW from May-October.
Free Spirit Boat hire

Max capacity: 12 off shore
Private whale watching starts from $2050 for a 3 hour cruise

Recently refurbished, clean and comfortable, Free Spirit can offer off shore for 12.

Designed for small groups of friends and families on board their very own vessel; Free Spirit, a luxury motor yacht who can comfortably take groups of up to 12 guests off shore to spot the gentle giants of the ocean.

Free Spirit is a stable off shore vessel with all the comforts a luxury boat offers; ample inside seating, under cover back deck, toilet and wash room facilities, along with the options to add catering and bar options to your cruise.

Free Spirit is owned and operated by Spirit Fleet Boat Charters and is offered for hire exclusively from the owners. By booking direct you are supporting a family owned small Australian business.

MV Salute Sydney boat hire

Max capacity: 9 off shore
Private whale watching starts from $1150 for a 3 hour cruise

Hoochie Mumma boat Sydney

Max capacity: 30 off shore
Private whale watching starts from $2385 for a 4 hour cruise

What else could I see on a private whale watching tour?

Humpback whales are the most common, with over 30,000 individuals traveling up the East Coast of Australia. Each season surprises us with less frequent, but just as welcome visitors. We have seen orcas (killer whales), pilot whales, southern right whales and blue whales. Will you be just as lucky?

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