What to include when SENDING out invitations

For your Sydney harbour charter

So you’ve chosen the day for your private Sydney harbour charter. Now it is time to think about who you want to share this event with. We’re sharing some of our top tips to include and things you might overlooking in the planning process.

1. Send out your invites as early as possible.

If you’ve organised a last minute charter then you’ll probably have a good idea of the guests attendance, but if you’ve planned your Sydney harbour charter weeks or months in advanced you need to send out invites so your guests can forward plan.

2. Plan for the numbers.

For example Silver Spirit can host up to 40 guests, so plan to send out 40 invites. You are hosting a exclusive event on a gorgeous boat, not to mention Sydney Harbour as your backdrop. Everyone will want to come. If you send out 50, hoping for some No’s and 50 RSVP yes – what are you going to do? 

3. Ask if anyone has food allergies. 

You’ve chosen menu which contains nuts but find out on the day someone is allergic to nuts. The merit of a good organiser is to be prepared, and excellent organiser has already preempted the problem, therefore is no problem!

4. Dress Code

You might have a theme to your party, or just smart casual. Either way remind your guests they will be on a boat and to dress appropriately. Spirit Fleet’s boats do not allow high heals or dark soled shoes onboard, so make sure your guests know.

5. What to bring

Depending on your event, time of day/year, swimming could be an option during your Sydney harbour charter. Pre-empt guests by telling them to bring their swimmers/towels/sunscreen/waterproof camera.

Silver Spirit Sydney harbour charter Wedding Invitation

6. Time

No matter how hard we try, someone is always late! Our vessels have to pre book the wharves for pick up/drop off and only have them for a very limited time. Make sure your party is on time, even better tell them the charter leaves 15/30 mins before it does to avoid those late runners (you know who they are). We don’t want them to miss the boat!

7. Finally let us know

So you’ve got your RSVP’s back, as predicted everyone is super excited and said yes. Now you can let us know so we have the right number to cater for. 

If you’ve chosen a BYO charter its not quite time to relax as you’ve got lots more organising to do.

Have a read of what to remember for BYO.

If you’ve wisely chosen to let Spirt Fleet organise the drinks/catering its time to sit back and relax, maybe think about what you’ll wear? Hmm, let me see….

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