BYO Drinks Charters; What to bring. Our Top Tips…

Although Silver Spirit is a licensed venue and has a number of menus to choose from, we often get BYO requests.

If you are trying to keep costs to a minimum and have chosen to do it yourself. We’ve compiled a to do list to help you make sure you have everything you need to make your charter perfect.   Today we are covering DRINKS!

Demographic of your party…


By this stage you will have an idea who has RSVP’d for group sizes etc. Are you a bunch of guys, group of girls or a mixture? This will dictate your choice of drinks, beers vs bubbles. Whatever the group is, you’ll need to remember non-alcoholic drinks. Silver Spirit provides complementary drinking water (tap) but you might want to add sparkling water or soft drinks/juices. 


How are you getting the drinks to the wharf? Got a group of 40 for a 4 hour hour charter you are looking at a fair few cases to lug around. You might need to recruit a few helping hands to carry the load.


BYO drinks charter

keep the drinks cold…

I’m sure no matter how close your mates are, they will grumble at a warm beer! All our vessels have complementary esky’s for your use, but you will need to provide your own ice. 

That brings us back to group, a bunch of guys = lots of beers = more ice! Talk to us and we can advise how many bags of ice you’ll need for your party. If you under buy, you can always purchase ice from the crew. 

Tip; drinking spirits? An extra bag of ice solely for ice in drinks is a good idea.

Drinking the drinks…

Finishing Touches…

Glasses? Plastic cups? Champagne Flutes? There is lots of options out there… Reusable vs disposable. All our vessels have options to hire their glasses.

Coronas/Vodka Lime & Soda. What do they have in common? Best served with fresh limes! Excellent idea to pre cut some lemons or limes into a tupperware box. 

BYO drinks charter boat hire
BYO drinks charter boat hire

THings to remember…

All alcohol must be complemented with a substantial quantity of food. If you’ve choose our food package, you’re covered. Otherwise you need to bring more than a few bags of chips! Read our blog on BYO food. 

As a licensed venue no alcohol can leave the vessel at the end of your charter so don’t over buy!

TOP TIP; Remember a bottle opener, the simplest thing to forget!

Now you’re sorted time to sit back and relax. As always, remember to consume alcohol responsibly.

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